Only Cloud uses the OnApp Control Panel which is fully customizable, and provides intuitive control over every aspect of your cloud.

OnApp Cloud v3.0 from OnApp on Vimeo.

Please see below some of the OnApp control panel features


The OnApp dashboard shows an overview of your entire cloud (for administrators) or a personalized view of usage (for individual users).

Easy to use Wizards for common actions

Are you building a new virtual machine, load balancer or CDN server ? With OnApp this is a simple step-by-step process using intuitive wizards for each task.

Virtual machine details

Need help? Everything you need to know about each VM is available at a glance.

Easy Virtual Machine management

With OnApp, all the tools you and your customers need to manage virtual machines are grouped together logically.

Virtual Machine statistics

Want to check on your VM, it's easy to drill down into virtual machine performance.

Control Panel