Scalable, reliable and secure Cloud servers

The Only Cloud Servers are tweaked for best performance and based in our cloud. With seriously fast high-availability storage and true fail-over nodes, you will know you’re using a good quality cloud service. Only the best and latest in technology is used in the Only Cloud cloud platform.


Item Cost  
Per Vcpu R40.00        

0 - 49GB R2.00        
50-199GB R1.75        
200-499GB R1.50        
500-999GB R1.25        
1TB+ R1.00        

0 - 7GB R35.00        
8GB+ R25.00        

1GB+ R5.00        

Microsoft Server 2012 Standard R100.00        
Server 2012 CALS's R30.00          
SQL Server Std CAL's R200.00        
Remote Desktop Services R50.00        
Cpanel Lisence R200.00        

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