WHMCS Domain management control panel

Integrated Domain Management functionality in WHMCS lets you order and manage domain purchases in a fully automated way, from registrations to advanced domain management, the WHMCS client area gives you all the tools you need from a domain registrar.

  • Automatic Domain Registration & Domain Transfers

    With the WHMCS Automatic Registration & Transfers you can submit all the domain order data with ease.

  • Real-Time local and international Domain availability checking

    Real-Time Domain Availability Checking checks for your domain availability against WHOIS services before allowing your order to be placed

  • Nameservers Management

    Nameservers Management allows you to view and update where your domain points right from your own client area.

  • WHOIS Information

    Easily update your WHOIS Information with supported registrars.

  • Domain Locking

    Domain Locking can be turned on or off to protect your domain from transfering away.


  • Automatic Renewals

    Automatic Renewals can be enabled or disabled by you so you don't even have to log in to renew your domain

  • Domain Syncing

    Domain Syncing automatically keeps your domains in our WHMCS system in sync with the domain registrars for status & expiry dates.

  • EPP Code

    EPP Code Retrieval can be done on demand giving you no hassles should you want to leave the service.

Control Panel