How to Monitor Services with cPanel WHM

WebHost Manager (WHM) is a powerful hosting automation control panel that gives you total control over your server and any cPanel hosted websites installed on it. Among the many features of WHM is a tool for monitoring services running on a server, such as the web server (Apache HTTP Server), database server (MySQL) and DNS server (BIND).

Services or daemons, as they are sometimes called, are programs that run when the system boots up and are typically intended to remain running as long as the server is on. Many services are mission critical, so if one of them crashes, your websites may become inoperable, which could lead to loss of valuable business.

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To monitor services from WHM, do the following:

  1. Login to WHM and navigate to “Service Configuration”
  2. Find “Service Manager”
  3. Start services by checking the box in the “Enabled” column and monitor them by checking the box in the “Monitor” column.
  4. Click “Save”

What will happen?

Once you have monitoring enabled, WHM will keep track of those running services you specified. If one of them crashes, WHM will automatically restart it so that you experience minimal downtime. This monitoring tool is meant to function as a safeguard against unexpected service crashes. You should not use it as a workaround for a chronic problem. If you have services that routinely crash, you should find out what the problem actually is and fix it.

For more information about cPanel and WHM, see cPanel’s online documentation.

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